Alpha Marketing | Harry Bowes Showroom: Frequently Asked Questions
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Harry Bowes Showroom: Frequently Asked Questions



Your design, your logo, your artwork, or just your idea. You can work with one of our professional graphic designers to create the right design for the project.


  • We have provided suggested products for you with different style choices.
  • You can pick the products and styles and colours you wish to offer


  • No upfront cost.
  • HST will be added to the price at checkout on the website or on the bottom of the paper order form.


  • You decide how much you would like to make per sale.
  • You will be able to mark-up your products with retail profit or you can decide to offer items at a your bulk quantitypricing to pass the savings on to your members.
  • Alpha Marketing will provide a price, and we will suggest a price for you to charge the students and parents. Forexample, if we charge you $8.00 per shirt, we might suggest you mark up the price to $12.00 per shirt. This gives the school a profit of $4.00 per shirt. The order form will list the inflated price, so we will help you decide on the price you will charge for all products.

The Campaign

  • Together with Alpha Marketing, we will decide approximately how long campaigns will run for. They generally last for 3-4 weeks.
  • Alpha Marketing will provide an e-blast and a newsflash handout that you can print and give to all students and staff. We also encourage your to post any and all spiritwear campaigns on social media.

Collecting Orders

  • Alpha Marketing has an online store where customers can purchase directly from our site.
  • We also provide catalogues and forms for customer convinience. Alpha Marketing will provide FREE full colour orderforms to distribute to each child and faculty member.
  • You are asked to collect all order forms and create a master order form to send to Alpha Marketing.
  • You must submit one cheque for payment.
  • Alpha Marketing will handle all payment for web orders.

Can we see samples of the products before choosing which ones to sell? How do we know what sizes people will want?

  • We will provide you with samples of any product you are interested in selling.
  • Once you have chosen your final items, we can create pre-production samples (samples with your logo printed on it)so that people can see exactly what they will be purchasing;
  • We will also provide apparel samples in all available sizes for people to try on. These can be kept in your schooloffice for the duration of the ordering period.
  • Sample costs will be deducted from the proceeds going to the school at the end.

How long will delivery take once we give Alpha Marketing the final order?

  • Depending on the size of the order and the number of products, we estimate that all items will be ready for delivery or pick up within 3-4 weeks.

How will we receive our orders?

  • Orders will be shipped in bulk to each schools spirit wear coordinator.
  • The order will either be delivered to the location of your choosing, or the goods can be picked up at Alpha Mar-keting’s office in Mississauga. The order will be received in bulk, and it will be the school’s responsibility to sort the items for each individual order. We suggest you employ volunteers and students to help!


  • Consumers notify the school coordinator concerning any product issues. Alpha resolves any product issues directly with the school coordinator and not the customers who purchased online.

Sizing issues:

  • Returns or exchanges due to incorrect selection of a product size are not covered by our guarantee.